Tuesday 3 May 2016

My First Boat

Well actually strictly speaking it's the second, his first was a scaled down dinghy which I made as a cradle when Joesph was first born. Plus last year Joseph decided to take over Erica's kayak, but this is his first real boat.

He tells his friends he "won it on ebay" as he still hasn't quite understood that dad had to pay for it.

The first time out it was pretty gusty, even in the river, but capsize was avoided and there was some great fun reaching up and down.


  1. Fantastic, not a computer screen or an iphone in sight AND he's wearing blue Crocs (without socks I hope) - a real sailor!

  2. Alden, his X box, iPAD and Android tablet are only just out of picture believe me, but a good part of the weekend was spent cycling and sailing

  3. ...I had my first solo sail in one of them on Emsowrth Mill Pond aged about 14... I hung over each end but I remember the excitement of it to this day.....

  4. Something for the lad to strive for!

  5. how old is he? my boys take a week or two of sailing classes during the summer on little Optis (and then Open Bics, Lasers, 420's, etc as they get older). cute little boat!


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