Sunday 6 March 2011

More 1001 Boats

It's been nearly a month since I launched a new blog, 1001 Boats and the response has been fantastic.

The idea is really simple post loads of interesting boats and ask visitors if they enjoy what we do then make a donation to charity.

I've been joined by fellow bloggers Michael AKA Doryman, Brandon Ford and Thomas Armstrong of 70.8% as contributing authors, we're hoping to be joined by a couple more shortly, if you would like to be involved please drop me an email - we need your help if we're really going to get to 1001 Boats, plus the variety of view point will keep things interesting for our readers.

If you don't want to be a regular contributor please do send me details of boats you like I'll be happy to post them.
Below is just a few of the great boats which have feature so far - but why not go over there or better still bookmark 1001 Boats and become a regular.

Captain Gray's Longboat

Wizard of Oz - Sharpie

The Bawley - Good Intent

Hugely popular the Vertue Sally

and the absoluetly drop dead gorgeous Rhodes 33 - Madness

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  1. Vertue Sally is my favorite. Looks very elegant. Like your post 1001 boats.


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