Tuesday 15 March 2011

Around the Island

At the recent lunch to mark the 80th Anniversary of the Round the Island Race we were all given a memory stick which contained information about the event.

It also contained thumb nails of some of the famous photographs which were being sold for charity.

Now I’m not sure what the copy write position is on these images, we were all given them on portable media, so it must be assumed that we would transfer and view them on our computers, and since so much of computing is in the Cloud these days, it’s probably reasonable to put them onto a blog.

Full credit to the photographers who own these images, if anyone sends me an email I will happily remove them, but in the spirit of the event and some additional promotion on behalf of those who created these fantastic pictures here they are.


  1. Beautiful photos Max. Thanks for sharing.

  2. agreed - those are gorgeous photos!

    cheers, my2fish


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