Thursday 17 March 2011

Age Allowance

If you follow this blog you will hopefully be aware of Tillerman, fellow blogger and seasoned Laser campaigner.

Well the good news is Tillerman isn’t alone; down in Hamble we have our own Laser veteran who was taking advantage of Sunday’s fine weather to go for a quick spin.

It got me thinking, the Old Gaffers Association have an age allowance in their handicapping system for boats over 50 years old. Maybe we should campaign with the Laser association for something similar for crew age – to give those of us over 50’s a bit of help and even things up with the youngsters as we duck under the boom.


  1. We are everywhere!

    Actually in Laser Masters Regattas we do have an age handicap system to even it up a bit between the different age groups.

  2. We are truly everywhere, though some of us are becalmed...


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