Tuesday 16 November 2010

Winter Haul Out

While I may have had slight regrets about not having a yacht during the past summer, now that winter is almost upon us, I'm not missing it at all; I'm enjoying the freedom to do other things.

Walking down by the slipway at Lymington on Saturday we spotted these yachtsmen, they had been up early to catch the tide and scrub off.

We watched them for a while and then went off to have a leisurely breakfast, wandered around, bought some food in the market and then went home, where there are plenty of interesting jobs waiting to be done in the warm and comfortable garage!


  1. Inexorably and regrettably yes!!!

    It's when you realise your favourite record is over 30 years old!!

  2. Heck, my favourite recording was made in 1908. We have choice in these things!


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