Thursday 11 November 2010


As I rushed into the railway station I saw the old man selling poppies. I guessed he was in his eighties, smartly dressed in British Legion black blazer, beret, medals proudly displayed.

I said “thanks”, and dropped a few pounds into his collection tin

He handed me my poppy and said “no, thank you.”

Smiling, I wasn’t thinking about the poppy, my thanks were to an old man, who in his younger days fought to defend our freedom and way of life.

My Dad served on HMS Aries from 1943 to 45.

My Granddad served with the Household Cavalry and fought in France and Flounders during World War One.

They and the millions of others are remembered today, thank you all.


  1. Indeed, a good day to remember and thank.

    There were some squadies at the station today selling poppies. I wondered whether they were back from Afghanistan: sounds really tough out there too.


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