Thursday 25 November 2010

Jolly Sailor Christmas Fair

The Jolly Sailor Christmas Fair is being held from 6.00 pm on Friday 10th December, Lands End Road, Bursledon.

There will be stalls with local businesses selling food and many other Christmas essentials.

When you're exhaused with Christmas shopping, then you can always pop inside for a pint of Thirsty Ferret, Pickled Partridge or a bottle of Blandford Fly.

And as you contemplate the forthcoming seasonal over indulgence, have a talk with members of the Hamble River Rowing, the local, traditional rowing club, based at the Jolly Sailor, who will be at the fair.

Come along and join up, rowing is a great way to work off those extra pounds you know you’re going to put on over the holiday.


  1. Is that the pint of Pickled Partridge that Peter Piper picked?

  2. Brings back fond memories. In late 1950s I had a 12ft clinker skiff my grandfather built me, which I used to leave on the foreshore in front of the Jolly Sailor. Once, I rowed it right round to Netley Hospital and back.

    Must pop in next time I'm in that part of the world


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