Sunday 1 August 2010

Sail Training Ship

Spotted this adapted dinghy recently, it looks like a Pico with stabiliser floats added.

I'm guessing from their shape that the floats are there for stability and to prevent capsize, either way it makes a neat, beach-able trimaran out of a Pico, which let's be honest are a little small for those of us of advancing age and waistline, while retaining most of the performance.

Wonder if you could do something similar to a laser?


  1. It's been said that even the most experienced Laser sailors are prone to frequent capsizes (e.g., sailing in the "normally inverted" position). So, yes, I think we should see more of these stabilizers in Laser and Laser Masters regattas.

    Requiring any Laser competitor who capsizes twice in a race or four times in a regatta to thereafter use the stabilizer outriggers would be a proactive safety measure that might head off government intervention or burdensome safety regulations. After all, we know that even seasoned Laser sailors can't always be counted upon to sail safely upright.

  2. I am still waiting for the government (or the EU)to issue a Health and Safety directive that the sea should be drained in case we drown

  3. Don't forget the coffee spill berms -- innumerable fingers have been scalded because of the lack of appropriate risk mitigation engineering for coffee mugs.


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