Friday 6 August 2010

Hawk 20

The Hawk 20 is an open day sailer built in nearby Dorset. The Hawk is heavily ballasted (50% ballast ratio) so very stable, but by virtue of a large sail area has high performance and is able to plane.

A friend, who sadly died recently, had always been fascinated by the Hawk and the claim made by David Greenwell in an early (1993) Practical Boat Owner review that the Hawk "arrived at Lymington in a Force 7 gusting to gale F8".

This whole “force 8” claim became something of an ongoing joke, suggesting that if you see a Hawk out sailing, bad weather was on its way . Fortunately my friend did get the opportunity to sail a Hawk before he died and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Whenever we see a Hawk we normally nod and say something like “gale in prospect” and of course it reminds us of our friend Andy.


  1. I'd like to see one under sail. I looked up her stats and think she would be a perfect sailboat for San Francisco Bay.

  2. Only having been to San Francisco once on a windy couple of day I think you're right Joe - would be a nice export opportunity for a local company!!


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