Monday 30 August 2010

Passage to India

The theme for this year's Bursledon Regatta was "Passage to India" and the Elephant Boatyard has really gone to town with their decorations.

While many people really got into the spirit of the event with fantastic fancy dress, not everyone was entirely happy (or perhaps she just didn't like the cameraman!!).

On Saturday morning the local dinghy fleets converged at Land's End Hard waiting for the races to start and creating a moving obstruction for the few large motorboats and yachts who were trying to get past and clearly hadn't read the harbour master's notice to mariners.

This year there was a race for slower and traditional boats - those with a Portsmouth Yardstick of between 1200 and 1600. Tosh our catboat rates at 1430, but we were up against some stiff competition from the very fast Lymington Scow (right) and the traditional lugger (left).

Last to go were the Opi's, seen waiting here with the mum and dad support boat.

After lunch the rowing races kicked off with the Bursledon gig's racing up river, up and back through Bursledon bridge...

To finish between the Jolly Sailor and the Taj Mahal.

Some of the dinghy creations were fantastic, including this rickshaw mirror dinghy, although the paddle wheel seemed to be more about splashing water on the driver than propulsion!

Another classic the "Onion Barge-ee" navigates across Bursledon pool in front of the Taj Mahal

In the background there was a good turnout of classic boats, dinghies, rowing boats and people generally having a good time.

Thanks as always the regatta committee, the Elephant Boatyard and everyone involved for making the annual event such as success.


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