Friday, 3 April 2020

Lockdown Daily Exercise & Masks

The current dilemma is where to take the allowed daily exercise?

Shortly before the lock down we were out in the New Forest, with social distancing being practiced we didn't get within 50 feet of other passing walkers.

Hence the sometime heated discussions and even the man who was fined, over whether people should be allowed to drive to somewhere to take a walk.

I'm conscious that we're really fortunate to have the river and sea on our doorstep, but those living in a city or a high rise getting out to wide open spaces can undoubtedly be beneficial to both health and mind. The risk of spreading infection of a car journey followed by keeping an extended safe distance would appear to me very low.

An update from colleagues in Hong Kong, new social distancing guideline for the pubs have been announced (yes they remain open)which  limit four people to a table and a minimum distance apart. The HK subway the MTR has been open throughout the crisis and I'm becoming firmly of the opinion hat the almost universal wearing of face masks in HK has been a significant contributor to arresting the spread especially of those who have the virus breathing capturing the virus as they breath out.

While buying masks in the UK is still very difficult and essential that those mask which are available should go to front line, so I made a few of these - every little helps right?

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