Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Splendid Isolation

I got up early for my allowable excursion out of the house this morning thinking that it would be easy to avoid contact with anyone. It was a perfect morning, crisp, clear and slightly frosty

Good advice at the start of the river path, even though it was just after 6.00AM I passed three other people, one runner and two walkers. We all took to care to pass on opposite sides of the path maintaining a good distance, well more that the advisory 2 meters minimum.

I like the sentiment on this gate for these unprecedented times" The greater the storm the brighter the rainbow."

I'm fortunate being able to work from home using video conference and digital channels (although not without some downsides like the occasional 4.00 AM conference call). What I'm observing working both in and with global companies is that as we all race to adapt to these challenges of COVID  the world will never be the same again. What's working in the short term crisis will be adopted and evolve changing the ways we do many things in the future, hopefully for the better.

Probably a good example this morning (day 3 of lock down) I heard some thumping  around in the house and went to investigate. I called up the stairs "Aren't you supposed to be doing school work?" A smiling reply came back "Yes we're doing PE."

Stay safe and lets get through this together by being apart.

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