Friday, 27 March 2020

Interesting boats

A couple of traditional boats spotted down in the western Solent.

I think this is a Tela previously built by Salterns, I was talking to the owner of one a couple of years ago who was rapturous in his praise of the boat. Very nice looking as well

This picture could equally have been taken 100 years ago.


  1. This picture could have been taken 113 years ago as the outboard motor on the stern (If it's an Evinrude) was invented circa 1907. Allowing for transport across the Atlantic etc it could have been taken 114 years ago if my arithmetic is correct.
    These are are the kind of pernickity comments that will be posted by curmudgeons such as myself under CV19 lock down who have nothing better to do than annoyingly point out these nit picking facts to others.

  2. Alden that's not an outboard you can see it's a immaculately restored Briggs & Scrungeworthy transom mounted shrimp broiler (Patent Pending) - very famous around these waters

  3. Of course it is - how remiss of me, must go to Spec Savers and get my eyesight checked. LOL : >)


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