Friday 25 May 2018

Tide's out

Emsworth is one of those places which is wonderful when the tide is in and all the boats are afloat and just as fascinating when the tide is out, especially at very low water.

I appreciate that our south coast mud doesn't measure up to that on the east coast, but Chichester harbour is as good as it gets, lovely smooth curved surfaces reflecting the clear blue sky with channels and gullies illustrating the underlying contours.

It's even relatively accessible, in the  background below is the Fisherman's Walk causeway which leads out to Fowley Island, although if you really wanted to get around one of those small hovercraft would be ideal, plus a industrial strength pressure washer to clean up afterwards.

Unsurprisingly the harbour attracts the types of boats which take the ground unattended twice a day.

Very shallow draft and stable are the ideal hull form characteristics

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