Monday 21 May 2018

Boathouse No 4

I mentioned recently the Boathouse No 4 at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, which is being used  by the International Boat Building College. Here is a selection of the classic boats under construction or restoration.

Above I'm pretty sure is the Itchen Ferry named Mermaid  SU117.

Not sure what these clinker built dinghies are, they could be SCOW's judging by the forefoot, but it's difficult to gauge the size from this photo as there's not much to provide scale, they will look great newly repaired and varnished.

I think we worked out this frame above was for an XOD or possibly a Victory class which was also designed by Westmacott and a local Portsmouth keel boat.

Great to see a landing craft in for restoration, not the sweetest looking craft but anyone who has seen photos and footage of the D Day Normandy landings will appreciate what an important and vital craft they were.

I'm a sucker for clinker day boats like Goosander, no idea what she is but Harry Feltham built similar boats down at the Camber in Old Portsmouth.

This one is definitely a Victory class, the classic Westmacott lines and black clinker hull.

The dock inside Boathouse No 4 with sea plane tender ST- 1502 and  steam pinnace  199.

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  1. ...always had a soft spot for the Victory's.. I raced them for 4 or 5 years too long ago...


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