Tuesday 11 April 2017

Scuba Do

Finally having waited three long years to be old enough and tall enough to try scuba diving, Joseph went along for a "Bubblemaker" try a dive session at our local Andark drive school on his eighth birthday.

He was the youngest by a long margin, and got a little nervous earlier during the briefing when Mummy had to fill in the disclaimer which acknowledges all the risks involved with diving.

But once in the pool with the rest of the group he followed the instructions and was soon getting his confidence

After a few more exercises he was away and loving it.

Unfortunately PADI doesn't allow open water diving in the sea until he's 12, but there is a "kids diving camp" in the pool coming up in June which mum will be booking him onto.

Mum and Dad were watching from the poolside  thinking we might have to dig out our old diving gear which has been in storage for a long while.

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