Monday 24 April 2017

Holly Hill Park

I've lived within a mile of Holy Hill park for 12 years and have never visited until last week. The historic parkland preserves around 35 acres of woodland, ornamental gardens, a grotto and lake which were part of the Holly Hill estate. Created around 1870 it's believed that Joseph Paxton laid out the gardens which diverted a small tributary of the Hamble river on the eastern bank of the Hamble.

The entire park is very peaceful and relaxing, especially so down near the lakes which are populated with ducks and other wildfowl and I understand terrapins which must have been introduced to the area.

There's a splendid carving, I hesitate to call it a totem pole. Presumably a more recent addition.

Well worth a visit

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  1. It's funny how often things so close to home get overlooked as a destination. Looks like a nice park!


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