Tuesday 28 February 2017

Winter Visitor

A small part of the rear fence blew down in the recent windy weather and some more local wildlife have been coming into the garden to join the squirrels and birds who are well fed by Mrs BB at this time of year.

This young deer was quite at home even though I was clearly visible and busy banging about in the kitchen getting lunch ready.

I guess I'll have to fix the fence sooner or later, but not just yet.


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  2. .

    This is Rudolphs wife - send her back to Santa and the crew right now (Or none of us will get any presents next year).

  3. since building our new house on some wooded property - we haven't had deer that close, but wild turkeys, possum, and raccoons have all come very close to our kitchen window looking out the back of the house.

    and just the other night, I could hardly sleep as coyotes were howling and barking constantly at each other - they must have been extremely close to the house that night.


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