Saturday 7 January 2017

Not a RIB

For some reason unless it's a RIB (rigid hull inflatable) there seems to be an almost complete absence of small open, power boats around the Solent.

Now I appreciate the safety qualities not to mention the sheer fun of hurtling along on a RIB. But I just don't like the thought of those expensive inflatable tubes which despite the best materials are slowly degrading in sunlight and prone to puncture.

But where are the boats like this one, looks to be aluminium, tough and able work boat. Other countries seems to do craft like this so much better.


  1. I've often wondered why the "tinny" has not been more popular in the UK Max. Certainly here in New Zealand and also Australia they are extremely popular....I regularly use my 3.6m boat for fishing and find the main advantages are ease of maintenance and light weight. The seams are all welded and with regular hosing down after use,imagine it will more than outlast me!

  2. We have 2 ribs and 2 Boston Whalers in our little sailing organization. Alas, the ribs do degrade over time. In fact the one in poorest shape has the nickname of Delfater-Maus.


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