Friday 18 November 2016

Reverse sheer

 Much has been written about the pro's and more so the con's of reverse sheer, which aesthetically can be difficult. This small cruiser to my mind at least is one of the better examples.

She has some similarities to Laurent Giles Sporanino (Barchetta design), but is smooth hulled rather than clinker built and with a larger and higher cabin.

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  1. Many years ago a friend who's reverse sheer sailboat I was working on, in a boatyard showed up one morning and announced he was giving me the boat. Though it didn't really appeal to me, I took it home to join my fleet. It was 19', hard-chined plywood, slow sailing, but comfortable. I eventually sold it but never learned it's provenance. Looked a bit like this one, but not quite. A mystery.
    It lived on a mooring in front of my house and the otters loved it. :-(


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