Sunday 20 November 2016

Batman and Friends

We've been trying to get along to Comic Con for a while, so leaving storm Angus behind us we headed up to the NEC near Birmingham on a dark and dreary Sunday to mix with the superheros and villains.

First up the Dark Knight and junior Dark Knight looking suitably menacing and ready to clean up Gotham.

Now that Batman's met Superman, what next? Could there be a Marvel/DC alliance in the making?

Oh oh, we thought for a moment Batman was going to be marched off to the prison cell next to Princess Laya, but these Storm troopers were on on their break and very friendly.

Something of a family photo, Batman, Bat girl and Bat boy.

Posing with not one but three arch enemy Harlequin's - possibly Dad's favourite picture.

Actually this is my favourite Joseph and big brother Duncan, The latter sporting his "Movember" moustache, around his office they's collectively raised over £600 which is good going. Great to see my two boys out having fun together.


  1. Awesome. Green with envy. Always wanted to go to a comicon. I'd go as nickname at school for various reasons. Excellent post max. The BB family looking very impressive

  2. Ahoy, Craig here from H2uh0. I use blogger as well. One tip if you like. Make your pics bigger by clicking on them when writting your post. I always use X-large as it makes a bigger impact. Hope that helps.


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