Monday 10 October 2016

Wreck revealed at LW

The extent of the summer storm damage was revealed when I rowed past at low water, showing pretty much all of the starboard bow missing.

The deck has collapsed as the starboard side has fallen away. Earlier in the year my eldest son and I had kayaked around the wreck at high water and even talked about climbing on board to have a look around. Probably just as well we didn't.


  1. Whenever I see these old wrecks (often built of good teak) I imagine taking off the deck and planking, removing all the fastenings, putting it all through a thicknesser and using the timber to build a new boat.

  2. ALden, this was mostly oak, I had similar thoughts - there are several frames washed up on the foreshore about 6" x 6" - too heavy to carry


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