Friday 30 October 2015

Outside our comfort zone

Last year Joseph had a go at a tree top adventure course, and finding one about a 20 minute drive from Aubazine we took him along. He wasn't satisfied with mum and dad watching from the ground this year and insisted that we go as a family

Fortunately the limit for a 6 year old was 3 meters, but frankly that was more than enough for Erica and I, especially traversing the tightrope wire which admittedly had a shoulder height wire to hold on to. Joseph on the other had was mostly un-phased although he needed a little encouragement from one of the guides on one especially tricky section, he soon regained his confidence as shown below.

There's a 200 meter zip wire across the late, the tiny white dot at the centre of the picture is Erica arriving at the other side.

Below she launches from what was a very high platform. Having watched her go there was no backing out, so it was up the tree (horrible) clip on, check all was safe and then go, it was great.

The location is called Les Tetes en L'air, we can't speak highly enough about the guys who run it, they were so helpful, friendly and professional - check out our report on TripAdvisor. 

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