Tuesday 8 February 2011

Two Years on - 1001 Boats

As the Bursledon Blog approaches it's second year I’ve been thinking a lot about what to do with it. On the basis of comments and clicks there are quite a few people who continue to read and hopefully enjoy my meandering observations, plus I’m still enjoying writing local about our local experiences.

This idea to try and do something more came out of my November post 1001 Boats to see before you die. Several of my fellow bloggers suggested that we should compile such a list (see the comments), from that idea comes the 1001 Boats Blog.

The idea is very simple, let's post images and information on a 1001 boats and while we're at it to raise a little money for charity.

1001 Boats which inspire, boats which fascinate, boats which captured the imagination of a small boy, boats which carry grown men to adventure, boats which are too important to be forgotten, boats which are beautiful, boats which are significant.

Perhaps not 1001 Boats which you really need to “see before you die" but your favourite boats, boats which for whatever reason are important to you.

They can be boats you have built, boats you have sailed, or boats which you just plain admire.

The aim is to have an interesting and extensive blog full of boats which people can enjoy.

Visitors will be invited to donate directly to two nominated charities.

So here’s the pitch please go over to 1001 Boats and become a follower, please email me and with pictures and stories, please tell your friends.

To kick off 1001 Boats I’ve chosen Blue Clipper a Van de Stadt designed Legend 34, built in 1970 by Tylers a famous UK yard.

But why not pop over to 1001 Boats and see the full details.


  1. Good for you. I know we discussed this before Christmas but I never got around to doing anything about it. Thanks for running with the idea and making it happen.

  2. Wow, I can think of a handful of boats of which I am both fond and proud. Some of them you have already seen, but their stories bear repeating. Good Idea BB!

  3. Have you seen the boat that is trynig to sail round the world? I think it's powered by human fat! I'd have a look at that it's so impressive.


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