Friday 25 February 2011

Rowing in France - The Water Joust

If you read my post about traditional rowing in France, here's the action. A few years ago we were lucky enough to be in Meze during August where the water jousting was taking place.

We had waterside seats at a local bar, cold beer and the most fantastic spectacle, it seemed that the whole town turned out to watch.

The big man on the right hand side (red boat) is something of a local jousting celebrity.

Each boat even has its own two piece band to help things along.

What a great tradition and thank goodness it's still kept alive, the health and safety police must have nightmares!!


  1. This looks like a much more reasonable way to resolve racing protests than the way it's currently done.

  2. The jousters look well ballasted. Maybe I could apply.

  3. I saw this in Sete 10 or 11 years ago whilst visiting Montpellier on business. Fantastic spectacle, the waterside bars put up tiered seating and tables on the waters edge. Sete had safety boats but thier purpose seemed to be to retrieve any gear from the water, the losing jouster was left to swim to the side!


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