Thursday 4 March 2010

Watertribe Challenge March 2010

If your idea of fun is coastal racing in a small boat or even a kayak, then Watertribe might be the event for you. The 2010 Watertribe event kicks off on Saturday 6th March, there are three races, all of which are extreme challenge events, described as "the toughest expedition style small boat races in the world" and are not for the faint hearted.

The must read warning says it all - "WaterTribe events are dangerous and you must be an expert in your chosen craft before even considering these challenges. There are no safety boats, no safety net, and no excuses. Your safety and well being are up to you and only you."

The Everglades Challenge - Tampa Bay To Key Largo In Sea Kayaks, Canoes and Small Boats

The Ultimate Florida Challenge - Circumnavigating Florida In Sea Kayaks,Canoes and Small Boats

The Ultra Marathon - Tampa Bay To Boca Grande In Sea Kayaks, Canoes and Small Boats

Here's the 2009 event.

In previous years the start has been from the beach, where competitors have to haul their boat into the water unaided and then sail or paddle a grueling 300 odd kilometers along the Florida coast. Squalls, shallows and nigh time navigation at high speed are all part of the fun.

I think it might be a much better reason to visit Florida than going to Disneyland, and it makes some of our European RAIDs seem, well just a little tame.

It seems slightly odd that such events are possible in the "Land of Litigation", I'm sure our own health and safely folks would be having a fit! Personally I like the idea that "All WaterTribe events are dangerous events as defined by Florida law and common sense".

Good luck to all the competitors, you can watch their progress here


  1. It definitely is a "much better reason to visit Florida than going to Disneyland." In fact visiting Disneyland is not a very good reason to visit Florida at all. Mainly because Disneyland isn't in Florida; it's in California. The one in Florida is called DisneyWorld.


    Repeat to self 20 times, "Must not be a nitpicker."


  2. Apologies Tilerman my geography of the new world isn't what it should be.

    I always thought Orlando was an early 60's children's TV thriller.

  3. On the litigation thing - an interesting point about the US is that it's generally easier there to disclaim your way out of liability. So you might be sued for not writing "hot" on a coffee-cup, but provided you explain to people that it's dangerous (and have them agree in writing) you can organise your alligator-wrestling or whatever with reasonable confidence. In the UK much legislation (particularly "consumer" legislation) assumes people can't make decisions for themselves and steps in to "protect" them, meaning that however comprehensive a waiver you as an organiser try to write, it may well not protect you.

    IANAL etc



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