Saturday 6 March 2010


Another boat which I keep seeing around is this lovely gaff cutter - Macalla. Here she is on a perfect evening in Newtown Creek, an unspolied creek on the Isle of Wight in the western Solent.

She’s quite a big boat I’m guessing 32 or 35 feet on deck, with a delightful sheer. Sadly I don’t know anymore about her, but if you do please drop me an email.

Accommodation might be limited, but it’s easy to see the attraction of a large, fast and beautiful day sailor. A day on the water under a cloud of sail, then back to the yacht club for dinner and home to a comfortable bed – maybe I’m getting old!

The pictuere above could be from 50 years ago.

The first time I spotted her was in Cowes, I think on the Royal Thames YC pontoon back in the height of summer.


  1. I live aboard a fast well designed center cockpit boat, but I love the lines and exquisite detail of wooden boats, and even more of traditional craft. Great pictures of a great looking boat/ Would love to here more about her, if you find out ....

  2. Thanks Peregrine - If I see her this year I will row over and find out more details

  3. Looks can be deceiving! I never would have guessed she is that long.
    She is attractive.

  4. She's a West Cork Mackerel yawl, built in Hegarty's yard in Oldcourt, Baltimore, West Cork. for further info.


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