Thursday 4 February 2010

Winter Afternoon

The nice thing about winter and the odd high pressure weather system we get, is the quality of the light. We were down at the quay in Hamble the other day and while there was certainly no "red sky at night" there was the most delightful pink hue to the oncoming evening sky. It reminds me of some of the early impressionist paintings, that I saw in Paris back when I was a student (just waiting for someone to comment that they were freshly painted back then!!).

And of course the light did wonders for our very own Hamble Ferry which was just winding up for the day.

This looks like a Maurice Griffiths designed Eventide, highlighted against the woodland backdrop, notice the ebb is running really fast.

The last ferry was really struggling to make progress against the tide. It was getting cold and with the last of the light slipping away, a warm fire and a pint of beer was calling us indoors!

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