Friday 19 February 2010


Last Sunday was one of those days, it started off nice, so I went down to the boat yard to get some work done, but by 10.00 it was raining and really cold. I managed to get few jobs done, but painting the boot top (the contrasting line that runs around the boat, just above the waterline) was out of the question.

When I buy a new boat I normally change the sea cocks, they are the through the hull fittings which allow water into or out of the engine, sink and toilet. Greta has Blake's Type -old fashioned bronze sea cocks, so I decided to keep them. This is seriously old technology, you need to "grind them in" using abrasive paste, to ensure a good seal, every couple of years. It doesn't take long, and it gives you something to do while the boat is out for a scrub between tides.

So with the weather putting off outside work, I took the sea cocks back to the garage and the machine polisher. Despite being 20 odd years old, they came up shiny and looking better than new. Too bad when I refit them, they will be hidden away under the toilet!!

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