Wednesday 21 October 2009

We normally visit the delightful Georgian town of Lymington during winter, when the tourists have all disappeared, but a few weeks ago in early September, the lure of the Saturday market and a pleasant drive through the new forest with autumn coming on was too much to resist.

The river is a superb haven for yachts, which are packed in perhaps even more densely than our home river Hamble, however Lymington has a more relaxed, even gentile character about it.

The town supports two yacht clubs Lymington Town Sailing Club, below which was having an open day and the Royal Lymington YC with it's club house right on the river

Sadly the open air swimming pool is currently closed, one of the last sea water pools on the south coast, it has been closed following a heath and safety inspection. Rather than ringing to the sounds of local children splashing and enjoying them selves, it is looking rather sad and empty.

Now if I were writing fiction, it wouldn’t be hard to concoct a plot where an unscrupulous developer arranges for a friend on the council to have the pool fail a safety inspection. The cost to bring the pool back up to scratch is several million pounds, which the council is unable to afford, eventually the site is closed and sold off for housing development….

Of course that’s entirely fiction, just call me cynical.

Out at the marina we spotted this lovely gaff sloop Windflower, she was restored a couple of years ago and looks delightful, she’s fast too.

A lot of Lymington is very suburban, with mature hedges and gardens, we couldn’t help but smile at this arrangement which seemed to be very appropriate, with the New Forest. So close nearby.

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