Saturday 31 October 2009

Chichester Row

Chris Partridge of Rowing for Pleasure, had persuaded me that an early Saturday morning row over at Dell Quay would be a good idea. To make the best of the tide, we needed to be on the water and away by nine o'clock, which meant an early start for me - clearly some preparation the night before might have helped!!

Dell Quay was grey and damp when we got there, but there was hardly any wind and a good day for rowing. I joined Chris and his friend Chis Waite for a tour of the upper reach of Chichester Harbour.
Chris Partridge is a mine of information about the area, pointing out the site of the roman settlement near the mill, and Bosham church where King Canute's daughter is said to be buried.
Chris spotted a seal down near Itchenor point. Sadly by the time Chris and I had caught up in our slower boats, the seal was long gone.
This is the first time I've seen Chris Waite's new boat Octavia which he launched back in June and very pretty she is.

The weather brightened up on the row back against the tide, and of course by the time we had the boats back on their trailers, it was a glorious day with clear skies.

Both Chris's will be down in Bursledon next weekend for the Home Built Boat Rally which they describe as the "Amble up the Hamble" - weather permitting.

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