Thursday 9 July 2009

Baby on Board

We took last week off to enjoy England's heatwave (quite unplanned) and to see how we got on for a week, living on board Greta with baby Joseph.

Below is the nautical equivalent of those "baby on board" stickers you see in back of cars, in the admirality book of flag signals it translates to "do not moor alongside or you might be kept awake all night by a crying baby".

Having a baby on board is very much about the parents being relaxed with what's going on, for the most part Joe just enjoyed being with his mum and dad, 24 x 7 in a small space. With the hot sunshine, one of our biggest things was remember to "tack the baby" when ever we went about.
Greta is quite a small boat, so what with the cot and the pushchair, the baby seat, not to mention all the baby clothes, bottles and nappies; things could get a little crowded, as you can see the fore peak is a complete mess, although Joe doesn't look too bothered.
Most of the time he was content to sit and watch things going on, here he tries out the latest navigational aid!!

We also took the opportunity to take him for his first paddle, he's looking a little undecided about the water which was all new and very big and had waves that washed up his legs.
On Friday the weather turned and we sailed back home in a F5, mum was worried, dad was worried about mum being worried and Joseph slept most of the trip.
If there's a lesson it is - start em young, because the parents will soon get over any anxiety!!


  1. "keep your children well...
    their father's hell...
    will slowly go by...

    and feed...
    them on your dreams...
    the one they pick's..
    the one you'll know by."

    Crosby, Stills and Nash

  2. Lovely. How far did you go?

  3. Chris - T'was an epic trip to the ends of the western solent and Back!!


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