Thursday 26 February 2009

Old Gaffers

Warssash Sailing Club will be hosting the Old Gaffers Association (OGA) AGM this weekend.

The Old Gaffers Association might sound like a bunch of retired factory managers, but it is in fact a group of people who sail and enjoy traditionally rigged sailing boats.

The gaff rig features a traditional four sided sail supported at the top by a spar called a “gaff”. The association aims are to preserve interest in and encourage development of Gaff Rig, and to participate in the maintenance of our Maritime Heritage.

It is over 50 years since the first OGA race in the Solent and the area is well represented with many fine examples of these lovely craft, of all shapes and sizes. There are some great pictures of the 2008 Solent Centenary Chase which took place off Yarmouth last year. If you’re in Hamble or Warsash this weekend look out for some of these boats moored up on the Warsash jetty.

There will be several Old Gaffers events and races during the 2009 season, but the one to really look out for is Bursledon Regatta, held at the Elephant Boatyard over the weekend of 29th and 30th August. The Solent Area OGA will hold their Annual Race & Rally as part of the regatta festivities

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