Tuesday 24 February 2009

Latest Rowing Technology

Some high tech rowing took place off Swanwick Hard at the weekend. Paul Zink has been working on the design of a coastal rowing boat the Clovelly Scull for about four years. He kindly brought his latest prototype down to the Hamble. 

Exhibited at the 2008 Earl's Court - Sail, Power and Watersports Show, the design features a carbon fibre sliding rigg, where the oars slide back and forth rather than the more conventional sliding seat design.

I normally row a fixed seat skiff, but I found Paul's design very easy to row, and both fast and stable. For coastal rowing I believe the open cockpit and low stern are very important features, providing self draining capability and give good access from the water in the event of falling overboard.

I was joined by Chris Partridge of Rowing for Pleasure and Ruth Wake of Langstone Cutters both experienced sliding seat rowers, who were enthusiastic about Paul's design - for more photos and details please see Chris's Blog.

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