Monday 11 March 2024

James auto cycle

Nice example of a James auto cycle. Auto cycles were typically motorised bicycle attachments  generally  50cc to 100cc sold in the immediate post war austerity years sold by many UK manufacturers including James, Sun, New Hudson etc.

Many had pre war origins and engines, the James possibly one of the better makes with their Comet and Excelsior Consort models were good for maybe 40mph.

In the early 1950s import restrictions began to be lifted and the market was overwhelmed by well designed better built continental mopeds mainly from Germany…. notably the 50 cc NSU quickly which had gears and was as fast as the older 98cc auto cycles. At the same time the Vespa and Lambrettas arrived and very quickly all of those funny little British bikes were consigned to history

 Hampshire council continue to keep cycles off the pavement, but not inflation has caused them to add higher fines to the old cast sign.

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