Wednesday 4 January 2023

Open water swim

Brother in law had done a charity swim on Christmas day down in Dorset, so in support Boxing day saw us down on the windy, shingle beach at Salterns, near Lee on Solent, at high water wondering if it was such a good idea.

There were about a dozen or so regular swimmers all women, who turned up and were very encouraging and giving helpful tips.

 Despite a 3mm wet suit, cloves and keeping my woolly hat on (the dot in the sea below is me), I only managed about 80 maybe 100 meters of crawl. It was quite hard going as can be seen the sea was a bit lumpy when there's only your head sticking out above the water. I couldn't make much headway doing breast stroke and I tired out really quickly with the crawl.

I must admit after getting out and changed I did feel really well and alive, but I also had an afternoon snooze later on to recover. Don't think I'm going to become a regular somehow.

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