Friday 21 January 2022

Britannia replica

 During last year we sailed past the hull of the replica of  the racing cutter Britannia famously sailed by the "Sailor King - King George V".

Back in the mid 90's a wealthy industrialist gain permission to build a replica to the original plans. Sadly the intervening years have not been kind to the project and for may years the hull has languished on a mooring at Hythe.

 There are various accounts of poor construction, certainly on the starboard side there are large patches where the fairing filler has fallen off.

It's a shame that such an ambitious project has come to such a sad end, the costs must have been phenomenal for what is now no more than an interesting hulk.

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  1. Turned upside down on a suitable set of shed walls it would make a great boat building man cave workshop - it would have a nice high cathedral like roof on the inside - great!


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