Thursday, 14 January 2021

The Creek

 Running north from the upper Hamble the creek is lined with trees coming right down the water's edge.

I believe it's called Hoe Moor Creek, it runs for a couple of hundred yards before becoming blocked by fallen branches and turns into the stream which feeds the creek.

Waterside trees at the entrance, would be a great place to spend the night camping out away from it all on a dinghy, might be a 2021 plan.



  1. You will be knee deep in dog walkers in the morning. Much better to sleep aboard.

  2. Alastair - that's what I had in mind, sleep aboard anchored in the middle of the creek away from everyone

  3. Then I might see you there one day. I often overnight on the upper Hamble, but usually higher up to get away from the motorway noise.


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