Monday 9 November 2020

St Catherine's Hill

I have to admit that Mrs BB discovered this walk and despite her encouragement I put off doing it for far too long on the pretext that it's too far form the sea, fortunately she kept up the pressure and it's now one of my favorite strolls.

 St Catherines is a 43-hectare (110-acre) biological Site of Special Scientific Interest on the outskirts of Winchester in Hampshire, most of which is an Iron Age hill fort and national monument.

 The route to the hill is along the Itchen river water meadows which are delightful and worth a visit in their own right.

 The ascent to the top of the hill doesn't take that long, it's only 163 feet above sea level (53 meters for those so inclined). 

 The summit has a small thicket of trees and a large community of noisy crows, but walking to the clear spaces reveals spectacular views of the surrounding South Downs and the famous medieval cathedral, the site of which as a place of worship dates back in record to 642AD. 


Above another stretch of the water meadow on the path looping back to Winchester and a welcome cafe/coffee shop stop.


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