Sunday 25 August 2019

Space Oddities Regatta

The theme of this year's Bursledon Regatta celebrated the 50th year of the first lunar landing.

 Above it was great to see so many visitors from out of town.

If you're not British and of a certain age you might not recognise the Clangers, seen here getting ready to launch.

And out on the water.

Winner of the carnival  was the Solent Shuttle, seen here with "booster crew" providing additional thrust.

Spiders from Mars had a distinct advantage padding with so many arms.

Houston we have found a great use for an old dinghy.

The cow jumping over the moon, on the port side the moon was painted black - the dark side of the moon.

I can't remember if Dr Who actually went to the moon, but he certainly has been to Bursledon regatta.

The local harbour master also joined in, although we have long had suspicions of his desire for universal dominance.

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