Thursday 27 December 2018

Boxing day stroll

After the usual over indulgence of Christmas day it's nice to get out and blow the cobwebs away on boxing day, so we headed out early into the New Forest and the river walk from Beaulieu to Buckler's Hard.

All was quiet and still in the marina which I always thought was fantastically called the Agamemnon boatyard but these days seems to be just called Buckler's Hard Boatyard.

A welcome surprise the Masterbuilder's Hotel was open early serving hot and cold drinks to thirsty walkers and cyclists alike. The weather was mild enough to sit outside and enjoy the view.

Heading back to Beaulieu the path was getting busy with walkers who perhaps hadn't made such an early start, but off the beaten track things were still scerene and still, like this little creek off the main river.

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