Friday 13 July 2018

Scouts at Hill Head

Joseph joined the Sea Scouts at Hill Head Sailing Club for an evening sail, for many it was their first time on the water, for Joseph it was a good opportunity to sail somewhere new.

It's very generous of the club to invite the Scouts along, they have a really nice fleet of boats including these distinctive Picos with their pink sails.

The slipway is just inside the harbour, here Joseph takes directions from the club instructor Margret who was really good with the kids.

A quick turn to port and out into clear water, one of the nice things about Hill Head. I have to say thanks to Leanne who sailed with Joseph, he was a little nervous heading out, but very different coming back, full of confidence. In the background you can still see a few white crests, hence the reefed down sail.

The incoming boats are sent into the harbour in a waiting pattern while we pulled the others up the slipway.

During which there was some tight manoeuvring between the moorings, which he seemed to take in his stride.

There were about 14 boats out and well over 20 kids on the water, with only 2 capsizes in what were good, breezy conditions. Big thanks to Park Gate Scouts and Hill Head Sailing Club.

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