Monday 5 February 2018

Sailing Sunday

Sunday dawned bright but with a brisk north easterly but despite that there were more than a few folks out sailing. Out a cat head a bunch of Opi's doing some race training.

The Warsash dinghy fleet were getting ready for a lively start in the river.

But there was a bit more room as the single handed fleet started to gather..

A down wind start, the front runners got their asymmetric's up just after the gun, heading for Southampton water.

By there time the gun went for the single-handed fleet there was a good mix of Toppers and Lasers.

Further upriver the local Foxers were well into their race, as we passed the dinghy park we chatted to a friend who had had an early swim and hadn't made the start, he looked freezing.

We came home feeling as if we should be making more effort to get out frostbiting, but then again we came home, lit the fire and decided that a fresh walk was good enough.

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  1. What? trading potential frostbite for a warm fire? You must be stark raving sensible!!


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