Friday 22 December 2017

Adventure of an old Seadog

We've been following the "Adventures of an old Seadog" on youtube, which is one of the better sailing vlogs, but more importantly for us it's bit of a trip down memory lane as he visits many of the places that are familiar from our Atlantic circuit on Blue Clipper 20 years ago


It was late afternoon on 22nd December 1997 that Erica and I made landfall in Barbados 21 days after departure from Banjul in Gambia, arriving in Bridgetown just in time for Christmas carols and palm trees what a great combination

Barry the Seadog in question has recently been in Bonaire and Curacao to the north of Venezuela if you are catching up on recent programs.

If I don't write anything in the next couple of days have a great Christmas where ever you are.


  1. ...that goes for me too, Merry Christmas..

  2. PS. Talking about decent boat related vlogs, I'm gripped by this one.. seen it?


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