Saturday 13 May 2017

Slipway Saturday

You don't see too many tow vehicles like this in Bursledon. While I generally like American pickup trucks from this era I don't confess to much knowledge and couldn't see any badges.

It had a lazy petrol engine burbling away and plenty of weight and ground clearance for towing - neat.


  1. It looks suspiciously like an old Ford Pickup circa 1950s minus part of the grill - but I might be wrong about the grill as I might be wrong about the Ford bit - not being an expert when it comes to motor vehicles!

  2. Alden - yes I thought Ford as the Chevy of that era were step sides

  3. ..... yes and my brief Google search shows a very distinctive grill for the Chevy. Based on what I saw of the Fords this looks like an early example and is unusual with its four headlights. I like this little truck which is crying out for a restoration
    - which it won't be fit for if the owner keeps backing it into salt water.

  4. It's a 1958-59 GMC 100 Fleetside, very similar to a Chevy as both were made by GM. It's very definitely not a Ford.


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