Tuesday 20 December 2016

Open 5.70

I've always liked the Group Finot designed Open 5.70 since I first saw one in Le Sables D'Olonne back in the late 1990's. For some reason despite active fleets in Europe and the US it's not really taken off in the UK, well at least around the Solent. Apologies and please let me know if there's a fleet near you, I'd love to come for a sail.

The Group Finot site describes the Open 5.70 as "solid, simple, transportable, unsinkable, hardly capsizable," which is a great description.

Seems to me that the Open 5.70 would make a great boat for beginners and experienced racers who are too old for a skiff, but still want to have a blast sailing and without having to deal with a larger boat's disadvantages.

Maybe in the UK the popular SB3 (now the SB20) took that spot. Perhaps it's just me but I don't seem to see so many of those around these days.

Anyway an Open 5.70 in bright pink might just be the mid life crisis present I need right now.


  1. Too young for a mid-lie crisis - besides pink is not your colour.

  2. I think I might actually be too old for one!

  3. Best to just ignore the whole subject of a mid-life crisis by just not bothering to grow up. It works for me.

  4. I still haven't really decided what boat I REALLY want to sail - or what I want to do when I grow up (and I'm 65 years old) - Merry Christmas.

  5. Hi just seen your blog re 5.70.i have only one in GB.Best bt i ever sailed .go on open 5.70 facebook and see.Itake it to france and race against all ages great fun imm 69.Also great bt for teaching kids. max speed to date 20 plus knots. slipknot gbr230


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