Friday 24 June 2016

Interesting variation

Apologies for the poor photo but the boat was jammed in and difficult to get a picture.

Flush decked, around 21/22 feet, quite a wide hull form reminded me of an E Boat but as can be seen not a chine hull.

The unusual rig has twin unstayed aluminium masts, some google research revealed a Poacher cat ketch trailer sailer, but very little detail.

Sailboatdata shows the Poacher boat built by Parker Dawson in the US, but the drawing shows a raised section of the cabin rather than the flush deck. I'm wondering if it's the same boat, perhaps a few were imported or maybe UK builder produced a few?


  1. The Poacher was produced locally for a few years in the 80's. Not a US design.


  3. A couple of Poachers turned up on eBay over the winter. Interesting wishbone boom arrangement, especially regarding sail trim.


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