Friday 22 April 2016

Interesting Dayboat

I've seen this boat a few times while it's been ashore in Emsworth for the winter and spotted someone working on her from the other side of the mill pond. Sadly by the time we'd walked around there was no one about so no details unless folks with local knowledge can help.

I'd guess at around 18 feet, GRP construction with hard chine and shallow dead rise. Up front a useful cuddy.

Someone had been around and taken the cover off to reveal a spacious and useful cockpit with a good storage space forward.

A nice handy boat of pottering around the harbour, a bit of fishing or a trip over to East Head of a picnic and a swim, when the weather improved of course.

While I was wondering about the design I came across this John Westrell designed Allegro which looks mighty similar, but I'm happy to being corrected.


  1. This is one of those times you need Bill to help out...! :o)

  2. Not an Allegro they were cold molded I seem to recall. I know what it is but can't see through the fog of memory to name'll come­čśë I am sure it has Sea something in there somewhere

  3. I've seen one of these before, but many years ago and difficult to remember. I believe I learned, to my surprise that it was an Alan Buchanan design, but I could be suffering from muddled memory!

    I think Paul is right about the name - it's something like "Sea Hawk", "Sea Eagle", or similar.

  4. It looks very similar to the 19' Triton design the plans of which were published around 1957 in The Rudder Magazines "How to build 20 Boats"

  5. Seafarer

  6. Thanks Gordon and to Patrick and Paul, - Bill's regular posts are missed but his blog continues to be a valuable reference

  7. Well done least I had grey matter enough to get the Sea bit ;-)


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