Friday 8 May 2015


Lorenzo B left a comment asking what type of dinghy Joseph was sailing in my Where did April go? post.

The short answer is a Cornish Cormorant, full details over on 1001 Boats.

Lorenzo has a really interesting blog about the John Welsford designed Pathfinder he is building and two earlier Selway Fisher Stornaway's he has built and sails.


  1. Hello Max, thank you for your kind words. Actually I remembered you owned a cormorant, however seeing the picture of your son at the helm I had somehow the impression it was a bigger boat and that spurred my curiosity.
    I should take your example and take my similarly sized stornoway to the water. The pathfinderr is coming together slowly, who knows with a bit of luck perhaps next summer it'll hit the water ....
    Best regards

  2. Hi Lorenzo, I think 12 foot big volume dinghy is the perfect balance small enough to move on shore and big enough for day sailing and a picnic.

    Good luck

  3. I like this style of dinghy a lot - pack a lunch for a day sail or a tent of an overnighter. Great little boat.

  4. Were you sailing on the Hamble this Sunday (17/5)? Saw a yellow cormorant, and very nice it looked too.

  5. Mat - yes that was us, we launched at RAFYC went down river a bit and then up river a bit, bt slow to start with but was good fun when the wind picked up


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