Wednesday 29 February 2012


Walking to the chandlers, we spotted this delightful canoe yawl in a Hamble marina recently. At first thought we wondered if she might be by Albert Strange or Harrison Butler, but further research suggests otherwise.

There's an entry on the Canoe Yawl Association site which shows Snippet as a George Holmes design, Holmes was an accomplished and avid sailor based on the Humber, long time friend and sailing companion of Albert Strange, perhaps the most popularly associated designer of the canoe yawl type.

Her construction speaks of quality, just take a look a that cockpit coaming and the bronze tiller stock, lovely.


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  2. Very interesting to find my grandfather L V Pillatt attached to the Snippet story .Snippet is in many family photographs and my father and other Uncles sailed her before and after the war .An interesting memory is that during the war my grandfather brought her up the Trent to Trent Valley Sailing Club near Long Eaton to be safe .
    My grandfather retired to Poole in 55 and bought Crardinal Virtue .She was my early sailing memories.She was later sold to Dr. David Lewis and sailed in the first OSTAR. Bob Wyche


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